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Working out at home using MiBody

Yanik walks us through his home workout conditioning session that incorporates use of the NuroKor MiBody device. He shares the benefits it can have during a workout to aid in better performance and conditioning. Check out more in the video:

Importance of Conditioning Training 

Body conditioning refers to exercise used to increase strength, speed, endurance or any other physical attribute. Conditioning workouts can increase muscle tone, trim fat and prepare your body for better sport performance.

NuroKor MiBody Application

Yanik shares some direct ways he likes to incorporate the device into workout routines. 

Yanik: I'm going to apply the NuroKor to my hamstring as I do this single leg RDL, mainly because I want to set up a better neural pathway between my brain and the working muscle by activating  the hamstring muscle while I do the exercise.

Yanik: I'm going to apply it to the quadricep as I do a squat. The sensation is a tingling feeling going up and down the muscle, particularly when you are at the end of your range of motion you can really feel it when the muscle is stretched out, it's a really great way to improve your quality of training.