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MadDogSki reviews NuroKor's mitouch for lower back pain and more

MadDogSki reviews NuroKor's mitouch for lower back pain and more

The NuroKor mitouch device is reviewed by MadDogSki journalist Fiona Best. Fiona shares her journey using the mitouch device and divulges the benefits she has found for the device outside of ski season. Including lowerback pain, fibromyalgia, period pain, arthritis and more.



Written by Fiona Best

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“Ever since the ancient Greeks used electric fish on migraines, electrotherapy has been used to treat, record and monitor health.” Fiona puts the NuroKor pain relief device to the test… 

We’ve been testing out the NuroKor over the past three months…

It arrived just as the winter season came to rather an abrupt end. I’d planned to use the NuroKor at the end of each ski day, as it can help to aid recovery whilst improving strength and performance. However, my skiing finished at the end of January and I didn’t think I would be using my machine until next Winter. So I packed it away.

It was a couple of weeks later that my lower back started to cause me some pain. In the past I’ve been checked from head to toe. I’ve had MRI scans, done physio, been to the gym, strengthened my core with pilates, stretched in yoga, but this niggle still returns and causes me, sometimes, great discomfort. Rather than reaching for the painkillers, again, I unpacked the NuroKor.  Because, according to the box and brochure, as well as being a great tool to aid recovery and healing, it can provide natural pain relief. So I put it to the test…


I’ve never been one to ‘dope-up’ on painkillers and have always worked around my ailments, aches and pains with physio and careful exercise. But on this occasion it wasn’t giving me the results I needed. I, like hundreds of others, suffer with ‘non-specific LBP” – I have a small amount of (age-related) wear to one disc but other than that I’m usually fit and healthy, so a lingering, niggly lower-back pain gets me down. So I turned to the NuroKor. It’s a simple bit of kit. So simple that it’s worth Googling a bit to find out which settings are best for you as the brochure it came with was a little short on the details, and I’m no medic.  It doesn’t take too long to charge and when fully charged lasts for about 15 hours – which was over a weeks worth of use.


To treat my back pain I used the PNS mode – Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. The NuroKor blocks pain signals travelling in the central nervous system by delivering gentle bio-electrical pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected areas stimulating endorphins, which in turn eases the pain. The endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemical. This signal blocking is how most pharmaceutical painkillers work.

The screen of the NuroKor is clear and easily navigated. I started on the PNS mode, level one. Over the days I moved through the different programmes and increased the pulse levels. You can turn up the left and right-hand pads individually. You can experiment with the different modes until you find one that you prefer for pain relief, or muscle stimulation, just by tapping the ➕ sign. 

You can also lock the setting so you can pop it in a pocket or bag and be treated whilst on the move or at work. It worked, and it worked very well. So I started researching how else I can use this pocket-sized wonder.


Having used the PNS mode for pain relief we moved on to NMS- Neuromuscular Stimulation. This caused much amusement in our household as you see your muscles physically twitching whilst using this setting. NMS is used to speed recovery and improve circulation. The stimulation of the muscles causes them to produce the peptides and proteins needed for healthy body function. It was great for treating tight and sore muscles.


I wasn’t sure I had this right as all the other settings you physically feel. This one, for most people you don’t feel at all. So how does it work? MCS stands for Microcurrent Stimulation, this helps to promote healing in wounds, deep tissue and can help reduce inflammation. We used this setting to help heal wounds and sprains. Again it worked, and it worked well.


Without giving away all of our weaknesses here’s a list of ailments, aches and pains that it has helped to treat within our household and extended family since being in our possession:

Stroke recovery. Cricked neck. Period pains. Groin Strain. Treating arthritis. Constipation. Pulled hamstring. Sprained wrist. Fibromyalgia. Plantar fasciitis – And that’s just since the end of January! 

I was wrong to pack the NuroKor away. The NuroKor is definitely here to stay, year-round. This is now our go-to for ailments instead of reaching for the painkillers.

This amazing little gadget can be used to treat life’s bumps and scrapes.  For the ageing, it helps to push back muscular atrophy and enable mobility. Finally, for the injured, it can aid recovery and improve strength – And let’s not forget it can help athletes to improve their strength and performance too.

I am sure many more homes will soon feel the need for a NuroKor as reaching for a device, instead of pills, becomes more commonplace. A NuroKor is for life, not just the ski season.  

Link to original article here