NuroKor Ltd Returns and Refund Policy

Withdrawal of order: You may cancel or return your order from the day you place the order until 30 days after the receipt of the ordered items. If you have been charged for the items you will receive a refund including NuroKor’s standard delivery costs. Should you choose to keep certain items and only partially cancel your order, the delivery cost will not be refunded. You will find the full returns policy on our store website

Section 1.
If you wish to cancel or return your order, please provide us with notice in writing either by post, by sending a letter to the company address : NuroKor Ltd. Suite 51, 16 City Business Centre, Hyde Street, Winchester, SO23 7TA

Or via email to:
Or by filling in the form issued by your local Consumer Rights Authority and return the items to us at the following address: NuroKor Ltd. Suite 51, 16 City Business Centre, Hyde Street, Winchester, SO23 7TA within the 30 days laid out above.

We will provide a refund attempting to use the same method used for the payment as soon as possible or at the latest within 14 days of receiving your notice of cancellation, provided we have received the items or evidence (postal proof) of you having sent back the items. Another payment method may be used for the refund provided that you consent to such a change, in any case this will not generate any additional charges.

If any item you have received is defective please notify NuroKor Ltd. promptly and return the item in accordance with section 2 below. NuroKor Ltd. will for any product deemed defective, provide a full refund. The provisions set forth herein do not limit any statutory rights.

Section 2.
NuroKor Ltd guarantees a full refund of the returned items in accordance with section 1 Withdrawal of order) provided that the items are in the same condition as they were upon your receipt. This means the items and or devices should not have been damaged, soiled or dismantled. This does not apply to the pads, which would be in a used condition after trying out the device, thus any worn pads do not need to be returned .Unused pads should be included in the returned items . All other items included in the product packaging need to be returned.

(If there is damage to the screen on the devices, not caused by some mechanical fault, but by external damage during use, we can offer a screen replacement service for an amount of £60.00. In this case only the device needs to be returned, and we will resend you the fully repaired device back) In case of any visible damage to the device that is present please include a statement detailing the way it came about. If you let us know that you would like to get the device back and not receive a refund, you then have the option to send the device in for our screen replacement service in case the damage does not fall under our warranty. Policy. In case of sending a device back for screen replacement please send to the address below. All mechanical faults not caused by external damage are covered under the 2 year warranty for the Devices. Please send any Warranty returns to us at this address: NuroKor Ltd.Suite 51, 16 City Business Centre, Hyde Street, Winchester, SO23 7TA