Meet multi-distance runner and NuroKor ambassador Damian Carr

Meet multi-distance runner and NuroKor ambassador Damian Carr

Get to know our latest NuroKor ambassador, ultra-distance runner Damian Carr. In this QnA Damian shares his passion for long-distance running, and explains how NuroKor continues to help him with his training and recovery practices as he tackles elite events.

One of NuroKor’s latest ambassadors, Damian Carr is a multi-distance runner who will tackle any distance, on any surface! He is based in Kettering and represents Coventry Godiva running club. Damian first started taking his running seriously in 2006 after running in a local race and finishing in what he modestly describes as a ‘half decent time’ with no specific prior training. He tells us more about his journey, how ultra-running has become part of his life and why using NuroKor is helping his training. 

1) Tell us about which running disciplines and distances you favour? 

I literally just love to run. Whether it's on the trails, the track, the road or even the treadmill. I have competed in all distances, but most recently I have been doing more and more ultra-running and ultra-marathons. 

2) How did you initially get into ultra-running? 

After an injury setback, I wanted to find my love for training and competing again so entered an ultra multi-day race. I loved it... and since then haven’t looked back. The ultra-running community is awesome, and I love meeting so many inspiring runners with stories to tell. 

3) What are the physical demands of your sport? 

In an ultra-run your body can go through a lot of stress. From nausea and vomiting to the general stress on your whole body, joints and muscles. Sometimes your body can do strange things, with the stress manifesting itself into bigger problems such as hallucinations!

4) What is the proudest moment from your running career? 

That's a tough one. I love adventures and being part of a team and all my races have a little story to tell.

5) What injuries have you had and how did/do they affect you? 

Getting injured is a massive blow. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite or training for your first 5k. Not being able to do something you love is tough and can lead to depression. My advice is look into ways to prevent an injury, rather than cure one.

Top tips... gradually increase mileage and the intensity, and have a recovery plan to do after you finish every run. Mine is to take a carb/protein snack within 30 minutes of finish, drink plenty of water and use my NuroKor device!

6) How does NuroKor help your recovery? 

Since using NuroKor I have found that I can recover more quickly, with my muscles ready for the next training session sooner than they would have been normally. I generally feel more energised between each training session and I also feel as though I have gained strength from using the device. 

7) Where do you use NuroKor? 

I use NuroKor mainly on my legs, however recently I had lower back pain so used my NuroKor on my back. After just one session with my NuroKor it was so much better. 

8) What are your main goals in the short and long term as an athlete? 

My ultimate goal is to break into the GB 24hr running team and represent the Army in athletics (I used to be in the Army and I am currently rejoining as an Army reservist). You got to dream big right?! 

9) Are you a full-time runner, or are you juggling it with another career? 

My life is all go go go, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Apart from running I have a full-time job in a spa and a 6-year-old boy who is full of beans. Once I have become an Army reservist, I don’t think I will have any time left! 

You can follow Damian Carr’s journey on his social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter