Commonwealth Games 800m Finalist Alex Bell interviewed in NuroKor 'Meet the Ambassador' Series

Commonwealth Games 800m Finalist Alex Bell interviewed in NuroKor 'Meet the Ambassador' Series

Alex Bell is a British athlete who competed for England at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, Australia where she finished 5th and is now aiming for the Tokyo Olympics. She loves that she can use her NuroKor from the comfort of home.

How did you get into your sport? 

Athletics specifically, in high school. I was always an active child growing up - involved in every sport and club you can imagine. Every night, I was involved in something, and looking back, it was the perfect way to find my niche in life. Try as many things as possible until you find your feet and roll with it!

What do you love about your sport and competing on the international stage? 

I love how you have the responsibility and power to do amazing things. Now my sport is very much an individual sport and I love that the targets/times can be altered at any point. You are always looking for the extra 1% and anything you can do to be the best you can be. 

Although running is an individual sport, I have an amazing team around me in Leeds. They all help and assist in whatever way possible, so I can be the best version of myself. 

How does your usual day look like during competition season? 

I’ll get up, have a good breakfast, walk my crazy dog and try to wear him out for the day! I then complete my run or session in the morning. Have lunch/recovery and then get ready for the afternoon session which will either be gym work/s&c, general recover or drills, and technique-specific work including hurdle drills too. On session days I will cycle in the evening. I also work throughout the week too so on the days of work, as I am on my feet, I usually take one day of rest and the other days will be something light and easy, such as a run. 

How are your days looking with the current Stay-At-Home directive? 

I’m trying to keep to a routine as best as possible. It is a lot more of a relaxed regiment than usual, but albeit I have a plan to structure my days and pass the hours. I’m continuing as best I can with training and the only thing that I don’t have access to at the moment is an athletics track for the super quick work in which I normally would be doing at this point in my season. 

I aim to complete my sessions by lunchtime to try and beat the crowds on the canal (which I’m extremely lucky to have right on my doorstep). I also have an exercise bike in my garage which I have been using on session days in the evening. I’ve also transformed my garage into a gym with all the weights, bars, and core accessories necessary to complete my S&C sessions. 

What is the proudest moment from your career? 

I have two! They are both so magical to me and equally important as milestones in my athletic career.

 Firstly, is when I ran sub-2minutes for the first time. It was such a milestone to reach and a big target of mine for so long. On the lead up to achieving this, I was knocking at the door for so long and it was such a surreal moment when I crossed the line and saw the clock stop. What was even more memorable is that I was the first-ever female in British history to run sub 2 minutes for the 800m in an all-female race in the UK! I didn’t even know that was a record at the time.

Finishing 5th in the Commonwealth Games Final in 2018. I had the time of my life out on the Gold Coast representing England and also had the race of my life too. It was an incredible line up for the final and proud to say I made it through to such a memorable final in women’s middle-distance running.  What made it even sweeter was the fact that I wasn’t even originally selected to be on the team and I was brought in as a reserve!

If you weren't an athlete, what would you be doing? 

I’ve always loved the excitement of the Police force. When I was a youngster, my dream job was to become a policewoman. All of my old school aspirations and homework sheets that I have saved over the years state that would be my job when I grow up!  When I graduated, an opportunity arrived to become a Special Constable for West Yorkshire Police. I actually went on to the 12-week training and attested in 2015. I then went on to serve two years in the force on the frontline which was an incredible experience. I came to a crossroads in 2017 when I made the decision to pursue my athletics dreams and aspirations. My thought process was that I can always pick work up when athletics has finished, but until then, I have many more goals and dreams to fulfil. 

What injuries have you had and how did/do they affect you? 

Touchwood, nothing major! I’ve had niggles over the years but nothing that has fortunately taken a long time to heal or repair. I’m a firm believer in listening to my body and if your body is not up to a particular job that day, that is not a problem. I’d much rather take a day off now as opposed to a month or two in the future.  Remember, rest days are classed as training too! 

How does NuroKor help your recovery? 

It’s the perfect aid for me. I don’t rely too much on physio and am pretty self-efficient, so this is amazing for me to use in the comfort of my own home on the areas I struggle to maintain on my own. I love the interchangeable intensities and the fact it’s so small and quiet but yet so powerful and effective. 

Where do you use it? 

At home currently due to the lockdown restrictions. When competition does resume though, it is going to be the perfect travel partner when I’m competing around the world. 

What are the goals for you in the near future?

Olympic Finalist

Word Finalist

European Champion

British Champion

Consistent sub 2minute runner!