A day in the life of Pharmacist Mark Hopkins - Living with NuroKor Series

A day in the life of Pharmacist Mark Hopkins - Living with NuroKor Series

We spend the day with pharmacist Mark Hopkins, as he talks us through use of bioelectronics for his patients and athlete network.

Mark is owner and head pharmacist of Hopwoods Pharmacy in Llanedeyrn, Wales. He is doing an amazing job using bioelectronics to help his patients manage pain. In the video, we also meet ex GB Athlete Jamie Baulch, who works with Mark and uses the NuroKor device for recovery.

More information:

Mark has 25 years plus experience specialising in sports medicine and rehabilitation products and has developed a comprehensive network across sports medicine and the health industry. As a pharmacist, Mark has a unique insight into the high levels of painkillers being consumed by patients on a daily basis.

“Many of our patients take large amounts of painkillers.Some of them are obviously quite strong opiates,” Mark says. “NuroKor seems tome to offer another solution to people who are in chronic pain.”

Mark looks after the retail partnership and the ambassadorial recruitment for NuroKor along with the pharmacy and healthcare liaison. “I've always wanted to have a unique selling point. Community pharmacy in the UK at the moment is undergoing very difficult times. NuroKor and bioelectric pain relief, it's something that would sit really, really well in that new list of services that pharmacists are expected to provide.”

Thanks to Somi Arian and her team for capturing another great story of NuroKor changing lives.