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A day in the life of Pharmacist Mark Hopkins - Living with NuroKor Series

We spent the day with Pharmacist Mark Hopkins, at Hopwoods Pharmacy, in Cardiff Wales.

He’s doing an amazing job with patients and using bioelectrics to help them manage pain. The video also features ex GB Athlete Jamie Baulch, who uses the device for recovery.

Mark also happens to be part of the NuroKor BioElectronics retail partnerships team working with healthcare retailers.

Thanks to Somi Arian and her team for capturing another great story of NuroKor changing lives.



Mark Hopkins:                  

Hi. Good morning. Welcome to Wales. Meet Ralph. Come on in. Come on. I'm Mark Hopkins. I'm a pharmacist. I'm the owner of Hopwoods pharmacy in Llanedeyrn. I'm going to make myself a coffee before I go to work. We've specialized in sports medicine and rehabilitation products for about 25 years. Many of our patients take large amounts of painkillers. Some of them obviously quite strong opiates. NuroKor seems to me to offer another solution to people who are in chronic pain.

We're off to work in a minute. We've got a couple of patients to see and I had a call from my old friend Jamie Baulch, ex-GB athlete. We'll pop in and see him on the way home. I've always wanted to have a unique selling point. Community pharmacy in the UK at the moment is undergoing very difficult times. NuroKor and bioelectric pain relief, it's something that would sit really, really well in that new list of services that pharmacists are expected to provide.

Mark Hopkins:                   Hi, Janet.

Janet:                                Hi.

Mark Hopkins:                   Have you brought your mitouch with you?

Janet:                               Yes, I have.

Mark Hopkins:                   Brilliant, fantastic. So, how long has it, since you've been using it?

Janet:                               Just over a month.

Mark Hopkins:                   What do you think has been the biggest improvement in your symptoms?

Janet:                                Oh, it's relief. When I've got really bad pain, especially, in this knuckle and finger.

Mark Hopkins:                   One thing that I've found is that if you have your hands in the air, then you get less of a stimulation. Put them with gentle pressure, either on a surface or just sit them on your knees.

Janet:                                Right, I'll try that.

Mark Hopkins:                   With the stim settings, once you've decided your time, lock the screen and you know you're away to go. But getting back to the microcurrent that is working at a cellular level so it is really important that you do at least an hour a day, maybe more if you can. Did your range of movement improve as well after you-

Janet:                                    Yes.

Mark Hopkins:                   Much better?

Janet:                                    Yes.

Mark Hopkins:                   Excellent.

Janet:                                    I've also used the pads. For back of my ankles. Sometimes my ankles swell and that has been phenomenal.

Mark Hopkins:                   Great.

Mark Hopkins:                   Hi, Anna, how are you?

Anna:                                    I'm fine, thank you.

Mark Hopkins:                   How are you getting on with your mibody?

Anna:                                    Yep brilliant. I was using it for my shoulders and neck pain.

Mark Hopkins:                   I can show you where you get the best pain relief for neck and head pain. Position them about 10 centimeters apart. Power on. Increase the level of stim until you are comfortable. If your shoulders are very, very tense, then I would suggest you use the third setting, which is more neuromuscular stimulation.

Mark Hopkins:                   (singing).

Mark Hopkins:                   Back from work. So, we're just going to pop and see Jamie. Show him some new toys. Jamie.

Jamie Baulch:                     How do you go, mate?

Mark Hopkins:                   How's it going? I bought your bits, okay?

Jamie Baulch:                     Let me draw it out a hat.

Mark Hopkins:                   Spare pads. How long they've lasted? About a month?

Jamie Baulch:                     Yeah, really good.

Mark Hopkins:                   What I've also got for you today is mibody. This little one here.

Jamie Baulch:                     The bad boy.

Mark Hopkins:                   Yeah, it's a smaller version of the mitouch but no microcurrent. This is brilliant if you want to be exercising.

Jamie Baulch:                     Let's check it out.

Mark Hopkins:                   All right.

Mark Hopkins:                   (singing)

Jamie Baulch:                     I can't believe how powerful this little machine is!

Mark Hopkins:                   How about your other device?

Jamie Baulch:                     This has just been phenomenal. I've absolutely loved it. The other day, my heel was killing me. So, I put the shoes on.

Mark Hopkins:                   Oh, the KorShoes. They're my favourite.

Jamie Baulch:                     The KorShoes. And I thought, let me just have a go on this. I put it on the recovery setting and blasted it up quite high. The following day, gone.

Mark Hopkins:                   Oh, really?

Jamie Baulch:                     I was so shocked. I thought, "Is this going to really work as well as it does?" And better than I expected. So, 100 percent.

Mark Hopkins:                   Brilliant. Thanks for spending the day with me and for seeing how NuroKor benefits me but also my patients. I'm going to stay in here and chill for 30 minutes now with Ralph.