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Marie Claire former MD Justine Southall talks women’s health issue and investing in NuroKor

Justine shares insights about working in a women-dominated industry and how this has shaped her thinking on the pain women face on a daily basis and how we can begin to target this pain in a more effective way. Listen to Justine's story in this video. 

More information on Justine:

"For all women, pain is just a part of their lives. When you consider that from a very early age, there is a level of pain that comes with becoming a woman, and then you continue to experience pain throughout your lifetime, whether it's with a period, whether that's with childbirth, after childbirth, whether that's with menopause. And these are the things that women endure effectively because there is no cure."

As a result of this Justine has wondered about the options women have to treat these gender-specific issues, beyond the common pill. When bioelectronics became an important part of her own pain management she wanted to get involved to find out more. ‍

"If it can treat pain in that context, then can it treat the ongoing pain that women suffer throughout their lives? [That is] something that really sparked my interest in the opportunity to use this technology, to do something incredibly important, and life-changing for millions of women."