Team GB Bobsleigh | Training, Recovery and NuroKor

Team GB Bobsleigh | Training, Recovery and NuroKor

Our athlete ambassador series continues with Team GB Bobsleigh. We speak to Pilot and Team Captain, Lamin Deen about the powerhouse team of elite athletes behind the bobsled, and they share their training and recovery tips to stay ready for more!

NuroKor interviews Team GB Bobsleigh Pilot and Team Captain Lamin Deen. We learn what goes into the making of a bobsleigh team and how they incorporate the NuroKor technology into their training and recovery regimes. The GB Bobsleigh team is currently preparing for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.


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Lamin Deen:
Bobsleigh is an adrenaline sport. You need to be powerful. You need to have speed. You need to have courage.

Hi I'm Lamin Deen. I'm the GB bobsleigh pilot and team captain. The training for bobsleigh is a cross between being a weightlifter and a sprinter.

We'll always start with a warmup, always. Myself and the team benefit massively from the NuroKor recovery technology. When the team wear their devices whilst working out and not just after We get re-activation and it really gets the muscles firing. We're getting the active recovery whilst we're working out in between sets. You're not just leaving it till the end of the session,you're actually, which is fantastic,getting that recovery whilst you're on the job. Week in, week out, we're racing, we're training. We can self-help with the NuroKor technology.

We have a unique makeup of, of athletes. We've got guys who are 6'6. We've got guys who are 5'11. We have got some real top end sprinters for sure. And some run under 10 seconds, over 100 meters. So we've got a real mix of power and speed.

It provides us with the explosive power we need in order to accelerate the sled. In Bobsleigh, we can reach speeds up to 157 kilometers an hour. That is nearly 98 miles an hour.

In order to be a successful bobsleigh team, you have to have three elements. You have to have the push start,you need to have a great drive down the track, and you need to have fantastic equipment.

The story of a bobsleigher, there's always a challenge. The challenge at the moment is to do well at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing,you know, have an eye on being the top stars in the world and be on the podium at 2022 Beijing.

You might have half an hour between one run down the bobsleigh mountain to the other. We can wack the NuroKor technology on, and you know you're getting the recovery that's needed. It takes myself, the team captain,and other members of the team to put all hands on deck to go forward and make the dream come true.
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