Your device is not charging?

Check the USB cable is connected firmly. 

Your device is not turning on?

Check the device is fully charged. Ensure you are pressing and holding the power button until the mibody turns on. 

Why is there no wall plug? 

There is a USB cable provided with the mibody device. This can be plugged into any computer or charging station/plug in order to charge the device.

The device turns off after just 20 minutes?

The mibody device is designed to switch off after 20 minutes use. This is a safety feature. You can easily turn the device on again for a further 20 minutes treatment but you may wish to change the pad placement before doing so. 

How can I tell if the mibody is fully charged?

The LED light on the device will flash whilst charging and will be steady when it is fully charged. 

How long does the battery last?

Average use time per charge is around 3-6 hours depending on intensity. 

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

You will be able to charge the battery in less than one hour.

What is the lifespan of the battery?

The mibody battery is covered by the warranty for 1 year. 

Where should I place the pads?

As a starting point you should place the pads over or around the area of pain. Ensure you maintain 20-50mm between pads. Try different positions to find what works best for you.

How often do I need to replace the pads?

The pads are designed to last for 30-60 applications. 

How do I keep the pads after using them?

Ensure the device is turned off .Remove the pads after use slowly and carefully with wet fingertips. Apply a few drops of water to the black side of the pad and wet the surface. Replace the plastic film to the pad to store for next use.

One pad feels stronger than the other?

It is normal in use to feel different sensations. Body response in particular areas varies according to a wide range of factors and can even change day to day. 

I can’t feel any sensation when the device is on?

Check electrode pads are firmly attached to the unit. Once you have chosen your preferred mode, use a quick press and release on the + button to turn up the intensity to the desired level. 

Weakened sensation or skin irritated?

Replace pads and ensure you place the pads in different places. Do not place the pads over any irritated skin. 

Are there any side-effects?

Bioelectricity is body-natural and operates at extremely low levels. For most people, if used in accordance with the instructions, and contraindications, mibody is a safe treatment with very low incidence of any side effects. When compared to drug therapy the device has very few side effects. A small percentage of users (approx 2-3%) may have an allergic reaction to the pads. Over-use of the device can lead to soreness. Setting the intensity too high will cause discomfort


How quickly will I see results?

Results depend on many factors and are individual but many people experience benefits very quickly. It is worth spending time using the different modes on the device to find those that suit you best. 

Can I safely use the device for more than 20 minutes?

You can use it for longer, but we suggest you change the pad placement regularly. You may want to spread treatments throughout the day. Treatment using PNS or NMS for a long time or at an intensity too high may cause soreness. 

What intensity should I use?

Please adjust to a level comfortably tolerated. If you experience any soreness after treatment use a lower intensity for future treatments. 

Which accessories can I use with the mibody?

The mibody can be used successfully with the KorBand and KorGlov. but cannot be used with the KorShoe.

Can I use the device if I have a pacemaker or suffer from a heart condition?

The use of electrotherapy is not suitable and should NOT be used by individuals with a cardiac pacemaker, implantable defibrillator or any other implantable electrical device such as a cochlear hearing device. Neither is it suitable for anyone with a suspected or diagnosed heart condition, heart disease or cardiac disorder.

Can I use the device if I suffer from cancer?

The use of electrotherapy may not be suitable for individuals with cancer and should only be used under the recommendation and strict guidance of a relevant medical professional.