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Manage your shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder is a common disorder, also known as adhesive capsulitis. It is a condition where movement becomes severely restricted due to stiffness and pain, and can hinder your everyday life.

NuroKor Lifetech uses bioelectronic therapy via advanced pain and recovery devices, delivered in a convenient way. It provides non-invasive, drug-free pain relief.

We can help treat Frozen Shoulder:

Incorporating bioelectronic therapy into your routine is the first and only step you need to take on your journey of pain management. Now readily available for you to use at home, or on the go, we provide a solution that can provide optimal benefits and results for those suffering from frozen shoulder.

Manage pain signals to your brain

Targets muscle and joint inflammation

shoulder pain device for pain management and recovery from sport or injury

Increases mobility in your affected shoulder

Supports the recovery of your muscles

Christine spent over £1500 on physiotherapy with little longstanding benefit.

Christine's experience.

From just a 15 minute session I was amazed at the reduction in pain and increased motion of my arm. I'm extremely happy with the results.

- Christine

NuroKor Lifetech Technology

Our award-winning technology provides a uniquely effective alternative to medication.

  • Fast-acting pain relief that manages pain signals travelling through the peripheral nerve system to the brain.
  • Proprietary treatment modes used to target inflammation in the back and surrounding

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As with any medical treatment there is always a learning curve. At NuroKor Lifetech, we understand each person’s body is unique, with different physiological responses to pain management and conditions. For this reason, our technology is designed to offer a variety of treatment modes and frequencies.