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“Pain kept me from living the life I want. Now I barely even think about it”

Immediate relief from sciatica, lumbar pain and more —with NuroKor.

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Do the things you love without pain, without compromise. You've earned it.

Too many lives are limited by sciatica, lumbar pain, nerve pain —even pain that you can’t quite pinpoint.

NuroKor mitouch uses targeted, fully-customisable muscle and nerve stimulation to give you fast acting relief from pain.

This is your life, why let pain call the shots?

From pain relief to rapid sports recovery, we can help.

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NuroKor mitouch uses targeted, fully-customisable body therapy to give you fast acting management of pain.

This is your life, why let pain call the shots?

“Yeah, I could live with the sciatica. But I live a lot better without it.”

"It's like I found another gear. No pain — just that intense rush. I feel like the best version of me."

Pain management this effective wasn't perfected overnight.

It took years to develop NuroKor’s unique technology, designed to optimise recovery, relieve pain and help you live without limits

NuroKor® PNS

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Intelligent, targeted pain relief that you can easily customise to your own body. Forget limitations.

NuroKor® NMS

Neuromuscular Stimulation

Designed to relax, rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles that support you.

NuroKor® MCS

Microcurrent Stimulation 

Mimics your body's own bioelectrical current to relieve pain and inflammation, while promoting rapid tissue repair


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