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A fuller life with speedier rehabilitation

Say hello to effective relief, faster
recovery and performance support.

NuroKor MiBody can help


Re-educate muscle action, reduce muscle
spasm and increase range
of movement.


Recovery Promote relaxation and recuperation, increase local blood supply
and reduce swelling.


Stimulate the muscles to produce the peptides and proteins needed for
healthy body function.


Backed by medical science.

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"I've been very happy with it. The swelling has gone down a bit so will keep using it every night."

Murray S.

"Perfect training tool for pre activation and post training recovery. Great for travelling and a must for all athletes or people looking 

Ben A.

"It's great to be able to do your daily activities and still use the NuroKor. Definitely the best purchase for me this year."

Barbara T.

"This product is like having your personal acupuncturist that can fit in your pocket. I can't rate this product high enough."

Gareth S.

Why NuroKor?

NuroKor uses state-of-the-art
advances in bioelectrical technology
to eliminate pain and discomfort, lift
dependency on pharmaceuticals, and
help you towards long-lasting results.

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