Mibody Review from Strength and Conditioning Coach, Shaun Gudge

Mibody Review from Strength and Conditioning Coach, Shaun Gudge

Strength and conditioning coach, Shaun Gudge shares his review of the NuroKor mibody unit for both himself, his clients, and the residents in the elderly care home he looks after. He talks about use for cases of fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, a broken wrist, DOMS and torn muscles.

My thoughts on NuroKor and the mibody

by Shaun Gudge 

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Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure of working with the NuroKor mibody unit, a few months ago I’d never come across them.

The system they have works on [bioelectronics], and the science, in all honesty, is above me. This is what I know though, and what I have found while using their system, how it has helped me, my clients, and the residents in the care home I look after.


This is the device that I have been using (see image below).

The mibody is the easy to use Nurokor range of ultra wearables and featuring korOS2 Dualwave Technology. Mibody is an effective pain relief and anti-inflammation treatment for joints, sprains, strains and bruises as well as minor sports injuries.


I think what they have achieved with the mibody is amazing. My work, takes me into many different settings/locations, from gyms to care homes. I would like to share my experiences with the system with you, because I have found it so helpful and now use it on a daily basis with people I care for and my athletes.


With the help of NuroKor I have used the mibody to help people with Fibromyalgia, they said “they felt less pain, less groggy from the medication, increased movement and had better sleep” Obviously, I think this is down to less medication and better pain relief.

I have managed to help four men, in the care home with Osteoarthritis in their knees. They reported that after using the mibody system and the KorBand (this is a reusable band you use in place of the stick on conducting pads) on their knees they were able to take less painkillers (that’s always a bonus) and walk for a day without pain.

NuroKor KorGlov Treatment Gloves

I have lent it out to a few people who have asked to try it, one of them I was shocked by. He has carpal tunnel and was using pain killers daily to help him while he was waiting for another steroid injection, he started using the mibody and KorGlov twice a day over 2 days and on the third day reported no pain in his wrist. It took a few goes to see the effects of the system but that could be just because he wasn’t [using] the right setting.

But he wasn’t the only one with wrist pain the KorGlov has helped. I have a lady in the care home who has arthritis in her hands, after a few treatments [she] was able to open her hand more then I have seen her do in the last two years. With more treatment, and some work she might regain the use of the hand (but I'll have to keep you updated on that one as its a long road.)

I have a client who broke his wrist who wanted to try using the KorGlov, after one use he had no pain or discomfort for 2 days after. This was a first for him and couldn’t believe how effective it was (he has since purchased his own device.)


During the lockdown period, I started running again because the gym was closed and I have to exercise for my own sanity. During the first month, the running wasn’t too bad but the aches and pains soon came in after that. The recovery system of the NuroKor helped.

Better than any foam roller or recovery boots (if you know what they are), by increasing blood flow around my lower limbs, they flushed out the lactic acid (Mode 3 on the Mibody) and relieved me of any DOMS.

BUT the Mibody was a godsend when I tore my calf (from running), I know from previous experience from torn muscles that it normally takes 6-8 weeks to heal. I used the mibody for the recovery and muscle repair (Mode 2 on the Mibody) I found this helped the recovery process better than I anticipated, it was still 3 weeks till I could run/jump again but I was walking normally within 2 weeks


“Scientific breakthroughs right in the palm of the hand. Palm-sized devices that naturally block pain, speed the healing process, boost performance, speed recovery and improve co-ordination – not only in sport but in every physical endeavour.

Seamless and ever-present, body-natural pain killers with no side effects. Activating the electromechanical systems to treat inflammatory diseases like arthritis, aiding in stroke recovery, treating epilepsy, and depression.

Improving circulation in diabetics, promoting wound healing, and helping push back muscle atrophy.”


I can only write about MY experience with the Nurokor mibody as that is the only device I have tried so far, hopefully in the next few months I will be able to try the mitouch, that is their flagship device.

I will again be giving my honest opinion of that device too. and I will be posting more about this incredible device as I progress to help more and more people.

If you would like to know more please click Shaun's personal link to the website.