The Daily Struggle review the mibody ultra wearable therapy device

The Daily Struggle review the mibody ultra wearable therapy device

Wellbeing Editor of woman's lifestyle magazine, The Daily Struggle reviews the NuroKor mibody device. She shares how it has helped with her knee pain and in implementation into her exercise routine.

The Daily Struggle: mibody ultra wearable therapy device review

Written by Sam Long

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Alongside new ways of getting or keeping fit, the NuroKor devices claim to be the ideal aide to help with recovery and prevent, or indeed help recover from, injury.

The mibody device uses evidence-led bioelectronic technology which helps with pain management and recovery, all from a pocket-size and easy to travel with tool. The NuroKor devices can also be used to enhance performance by increasing muscle strength, speed and endurance and have been used by sports people across fields to repair injuries, manage recovery from sessions and improve their fitness. 

With many taking up home workouts and running during lockdown, and people now getting back to the gym lifting heavy after months of rest, the NuroKor devices can help with quicker and full recovery from injury, or to help keep the muscle strength up of those that have been unable to continue with their usual regime. 

Putting the mibody ultra wearable therapy device to the test.

Throughout lockdown my fitness routine has mostly consisted of home body weight workouts, mountain climbing and trail running. However with the increase of outdoor activity, my knees have really suffered, so being asked to review the mibody ultra wearable therapy device, I was keen to see if it would in fact actually help with this. 

Now that gyms are back open I have slowly been incorporating heavy weight lifting back into my weekly training plan, which includes a lot of loaded squats and lunges, both exercises putting a lot of pressure on my knees. So I decided to target this area with the device and see how it helped with preventing and treating aches, as it claims to target pain at its source. 

I wore the device for 3 weeks while working out as a preventative measure and sometimes throughout the day at home and at night to get the fast acting relief deep into the joints and muscle tissues and really put the device to the test and get the most benefit.

The NuroKor mibody ultra wearable therapy is a really discreet device, I was concerned at first that it would look a little odd walking around the gym wearing it, but you could hardly notice it was on. 

So does it actually work? 

So after 3 full weeks testing the device out both during activity and at rest, I found my knee pain had eased quite a lot. There are still some uncomfortable aches there after a long hike or tail run, but that’s pretty standard as my outdoor training is usually quite full on and heavy impact on that area in general. I have yet to test this out wearing it on a mountain or trail, but once I’ve tried this I will add to the review. 

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