Awe365 review NuroKor mitouch, 'Bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries'

Awe365 review NuroKor mitouch, 'Bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries' journalist Luke Rees reviews the NuroKor mitouch device. Click here to view the original article and read his review -specifically his use of the device to manage his Achilles tendonitis.

Review of NuroKor mitouch: Bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries

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Ever considered using bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries? Anyone who does action sports will suffer from pain or discomfort from time to time. In this review of NuroKor mitouch BodySystems I have tested how this handheld portable device helps with various injuries.

In fact, whilst sat writing this I have the NuroKor mitouch working on my achy lower back. I would love to say it is from some extreme sport mishap but it is from too much gardening during lockdown.

So far I have also used this bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries to my achilles, glutes and quads. At least one of these injuries was from snowboarding… The others were doing a Joe Wicks childrens workout with my kids. I must be getting old…

Introducing NuroKor mitouch

NuroKor are a company focused on bioelectronic medicine and wearable tech. Their goal is to help people recover from injuries quicker, to deal with pain without resorting to pills and to improve performance.

They have a small range of products focused on helping people utilise this bioelectronic medicine. They have two different functions that relieve pain, NuroKor® PNS and NuroKor® MCS.

Both send electrical signals into the body. This is similar to a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine often used during labour. But NuroKor signals have a greater range in frequency and have 16 scientifically developed programs that stimulate your nerves in different ways.

NuroKor® PNS

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation is gentle bio-electrical pulses that pass through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area. This blocks pain signals just like painkillers just without the need to ingest chemicals. But it also encourages the body to produce endorphins which make you feel good.

Pain Management - How NuroKor provides 100 natural pain relief

The mitouch has a 16 different programmes to choose from with 20 different strength settings. So you can tailor the treatment to your body providing proven fast acting, non-drowsy, symptomatic relief from chronic and acute pain.

NuroKor® MCS

Microcurrent Simulation is sub-sensory microcurrents that most people cannot feel. This provides short term pain relieving benefits, especially useful for nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, and scar tissue. Around 90% of users (Ref. Study – Smith, 2001) notice an improvement.

Evidence also shows that long term MCS may help restore cellular health and speed up the healing process. So while most people experience benefits after a few minutes the results can be long lasting and may increase with use over time.

Review of NuroKor mitouch

The NuroKor mitouch arrived in late February not long after I had returned from heli snowboarding in Turkey. I had been struggling with achilles tendonitis since January so I put it straight to work on those tendons and my calves.

How easy is it to use?

The starter pack cost £399. It comes with a smartphone sized touch sensitive NuroKor device to control this bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries. There are four small and four large pads you stick to your body four at a time. Plus there are cables for connecting the pads to the device and another for charging.

Review of NuroKor mitouch

There is a simple user guide that is easy to follow to start using the device. Although it is pretty obvious anyway. It also comes with a detailed set of instructions of where to place the pads and what settings to use. This requires a bit of reading to get your head around but it is worth it.

Actually using NuroKor mitouch is very simple you just stick the pads in place, choose the treatment then set the level. The level can be different on each side of your body in case one is more sensitive then the other.

There is a useful lock function. This means you can put the device in your pocket and not accidentally change the settings.

The only issue I have had is that the device sometimes freezes. You will be setting it up, or have a treatment underway and for some reason the touch screen stops working. A few times it has also randomly changed the settings despite being locked and then the screen has frozen.

When these problems happen I just switch it off for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on and most times it has worked fine. On two occasions this did not fix it, so I turned it off for a few hours and afterwards it worked fine again.

Review of NuroKor mitouch on achilles

While my achilles has been painful at times it is a long way from being acute or chronic pain. My main concern was how slowly it was healing and trying to make it better with just four weeks between snowboarding trips.

I used it on both PNS and MCS settings for around 1 hour 20 a day. The instructions say there is a degree of trial and error in using it so I tried a few different settings and placements.

Within the first session or two of PNS I noticed my achilles was less painful. The pain did not completely go away but it was reduced significantly. I used the NuroKor mitouch every day for a month and while it is a lot better I still have very mild tendonitis.

One unexpected benefit is the flexibility of my calfs seems to have improved. Although I have also been doing regular achilles stretches which will have improved flexibility. But I am pretty sure the NuroKor on my calf has helped too.

Using NuroKor mitouch on glutes and quads

Due to the Corona Virus the UK entered lockdown and my kids have been off school ever since. In order to help them do some exercise we did the daily Joe Wicks exercise videos. After three consecutive days I woke to some serious aches in my glutes and quads.

So I used the NuroKor mitouch bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries. On big muscles like these I found I could really crank up the level. Having said that I still didn’t get beyond 8 out of 20!

On higher levels I found it causes my muscles to contract. As weird as this was it did wonders for my aching muscles and I was back exercising just a day later.

From past experience I know these kind of aches usually last me around three days. Wiping two days off the recovery time shows this bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries actually works.

Review of NuroKor mitouch: Back ache

As already mentioned I was wearing the NuroKor when I started writing this article. I had it on for about 20 minutes this morning and then one hour 20 in the afternoon.

I would say my back pain has gone from about six out of ten to about a one or two. This was achieved using a combination of PNS and MCS. I went from not being able to bend or move around to being able to go for a walk with my family – even tying my own shoe laces!

My wife has a very mild form of osteoarthritis between two of her lower vertebrates. This combined manifests as lower back pain. During this review of NuroKor mitouch she has tested this bioelectronic medicine for aches caused by her arthritis.

She feels it decreases the pain by at least half after she has used it. Furthermore, she also slept better with far less discomfort. Plus the day after an attack her back was significantly better when she used the NuroKor than when she did not.

Bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries

Having used the NuroKor for around two months on a range if different injuries, aches and pains I feel it helps significantly. With pain management it seems to work exceptionally well, far more than paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Whist it has helped reduce pain from my achilles tendonitis I am not sure if it has helped it to get better. The problem still isn’t completely gone, it aches a little in the mornings and if I walk more than 30 mins or run at all.

Having said that the tendonitis has improved. But in combination with the NuroKor mitouch I have been doing specific stretches and resting it. So having never has the injury before I couldn’t say how much of the improvement is down to other factors.

NuroKor mitouch Pads

However the seriously achy, minorly strained glutes and quads improved way beyond expectations with just using NuroKor mitouch for one day. Furthermore both myself and my wife found it massively reduced back pain.

Bioelectronic medicine: Conclusion

So to conclude this Review of NuroKor mitouch Body Systems I’d give it a huge thumbs up for managing pain. Also it is great for speeding up recovery from minor ‘I have over done it’ aches and pains.

Whether the NuroKor mitouch helps recovery from more serious/longer term injuries I am not yet sure. Furthermore, it is tough to know if it has cumulative benefits for use against my wifes arthritis.

But for pain management and speeding up post workout recovery I have noticed clear benefits. I will certainly take it away with me on future adventure sports trips.

I hope you found this review of NuroKor mitouch useful. If you’d like to try this bioelectronic medicine for aches and injuries there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So while is costs £399 it is risk free. Find out more at: