Rick Rowan - Entrepreneur, Innovator, Facilitator and founder of NuroKor

Rick Rowan - Entrepreneur, Innovator, Facilitator and founder of NuroKor

Rick Rowan was invited to be one of the judges for the 2020 Business Book of the Year Awards. Read Rick's bio for the judging panel. 

Rick Rowan is a healthcare disruptor, entrepreneur, innovator & facilitator.

He was the brains and developer behind the world’s first ultrawearable dual treatment device – the tech version of a painkiller and anti-inflammatory combined

After overcoming long-term back pain through the use of bioelectrical medical treatment technology, Rick believed in its potential to transform how people manage their health. This began a 5 year journey developing groundbreaking applications of centuries old medicine, using the latest technology and best available medical evidence.

He is sought after and has appeared innumerable times as a thought leader and expert commentator in the media internationally including TV, Radio & print.

In his former position as co-founder and CEO in the healthtech space, his consumer lifestyle medical devices were featured in Forbes list “The best healthcare gadgets and gizmos of 2018”

Rick is the Founder of NuroKor BioElectronics. A UK based medical technology company specialising in non implantable electroceuticals and bioelectrical medicine. Passionate, advocates and a proudly collaborative approach to patient and consumer quality of life outcome and improvement. Design, development, formulation manufacture, medical expertise, science, education & stakeholders working together to a healthcare vision of positive change.

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