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Peak Performance review NuroKor mitouch in "EMS: Time to plug in for fitness"

John Shepherd, high performance coach, former international athlete and author looks at the scientific evidence for electrical muscle stimulation and whether athletes could use it not only for recovery, but for fitness gains too.


Talking Health Tech Podcast - Is BioElectronics An Alternative To Medicine?

NuroKor CEO Rick Rowan is interviewed on the Talking Health Tech Podcast by Peter Birch. Throughout the recording they discuss the science behind bioelectronics, NuroKor's advancements and what is next for the company.


Rick Rowan - Entrepreneur, Innovator, Facilitator and founder of NuroKor

Rick Rowan was invited to be one of the judges for the 2020 Business Book of the Year Awards. Read Rick's bio for the judging panel. 


Life In Orpington Magazine Share NuroKor In LifeStyle Section

Help might be at hand in the form of a hand-held device called the NuroKor mitouch. It sends bioelectrical pulses to help combat pain, mimicking the body's own electrical system. Find out what magazine Life On Orpington think of this portable technology.


IoT Now explain how NuroKor technology works

IoT Now report on the newly-launched mitouch technology from UK-based NuroKor start-up - the mitouch is a hand-held device which applies three types of bioelectrical technologies. Learn how it works here. 


LifeScience Industry Reports on the mitouch portable technology

A new wave of bioelectronic medicine tackles pain without the need for drugs and rehabilitates injury. LifeScience Technology report on the NuroKor mitouch. 


Med-Tech Innovation Review the mitouch and 'quadwave micorcurrent' technology

The NuroKor mitouch, applies three types of bioelectrical pulses through the skin: microcurrent (MCS), neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) and peripheral nerve (PNS). Learn more about this groundbreaking technology.