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Bioelectrical Therapy for the Elderly

How NuroKor can aid the elderly, plus other advice from strength and conditioning coach Shaun Gudge. Gudge shares his experiences of working in care homes and helping the elderly with their mobility. He explains how he works with the elderly on their balance to help to prevent falls, and offers some advice from working with patients with osteoarthritis.

Tell us about your work in care homes?

I have been working in care homes for two years, helping residents with their mobility. Using what I call Low Impact Functional Training (LIFT) - helping the residents with Gait, Posture and Stability, all leading to increased independence. 

I have helped residents get from being stuck in a wheelchair, to walking with a frame or walking stick and in some cases, they have been able to return home and lead a normal life with their families. 

Shaun Gudge share how Bioelectrical Therapy is beneficial for the elderly

Do you have any key examples/ case studies of people you have worked with who have retired and have stayed fit/ active. And how has this benefited them? 

By the time most people are in my care, they have usually been inactive for some time - I often help people to leave their care home and enjoy a life of independence again. One lady came into the home after a hip replacement and could hardly stand and after helping her learn to walk again, she now lives with her son. She is active and enjoying life with her family around her, 

Tell us more about your Fall Prevention classes?

My Fall prevention classes are a mixture of isometric holds and slow controlled movements to increase strength, stability and proprioception using chairs or railings for balance, which many elderly people require.

As we get older, our muscle strength and balance reduce, which can lead to a fall. Exercises designed to improve muscle strength can reduce your risk of a fall by improving your posture, coordination, and balance. [source].

I advance the elderly in terms of their mobility using bands, ankle weights and weighted balls - I challenge balance, strength, and stability in all planes of motion. Balance is not linear and needs to be challenged, in the same way as anything else that needs to grow or improve.  

Fall prevention classes are a mixture of isometric holds and slow controlled movements

Osteoarthritis - what benefits have you noticed for your patients utilising NuroKor device for this pain?

With pain management for Osteoarthritis, the benefits of NuroKor are huge. 

I use a range of NuroKor products with the residents depending on their issues and where the osteoarthritis is located. The mibody is easy to attach and can be a great tool to help with pain in a joint. The mitouch I use for more chronic pain; it can be adjusted easily and with four pads it can have a wider application. You can see the difference in the way the person’s gait changes after using the devices. 

With either device the individuals generally have less pain and more mobility – with the hope that they have less need / want for other pain reducing drugs.