mibody wins Best Wearable Technology Solution

mibody wins Best Wearable Technology Solution

It's another award for NuroKor, as mibody wins the Best Wearable Technology Solution at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2022!


Our mibody device has won the Best Wearable Technology Solution award at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2022! For those of you who have experienced the effectiveness of the mibody and how it can make a difference, it may not come as a surprise that the amazing difference bioelectronic technology can make has been recognised in this way.

There was tough competition, with many extremely impressive healthtech companies and NHS trusts among the other competitors and eventual winners. Have a look at the full list of winners here.

mibody trophy for Best Wearable Technology Solution at Health Tech Digital Award 2022


Health technology on the rise

Health technology has been around for a while as a field and a concept. At its most basic, it covers any type of technology with a health purpose! Which sounds obvious once we spell it out. What’s exciting about health technology (or healthtech for short) is that it offers a whole new way to treat health issues and support people to live their lives how they want to.

For years, we’ve relied on drugs as our main source of treatments - along with physical therapies like specific exercises - but now technology can provide similar, or even greater, benefits and can even be more accessible.

At NuroKor Lifetech, for example, we specialise in bioelectronic therapy, which uses gentle electrical stimulation to manage pain and improve recovery from injuries or exercise. There’s a whole range of different types of stimulation, but the ones that the mibody uses are peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) and neuromuscular stimulation (NMS).

We see technology, particularly bioelectronic therapy, as a central pillar of healthcare for the future and that it will unlock better health outcomes for everyone, while also supporting health workers and giving them extra tools to make their work easier.

How mibody makes waves


The NuroKor Lifetech mibody

The mibody can be used wherever you are, whatever you're doing


Electrical waves. We’re delighted that the judges chose the mibody as the Best Wearable Technology Solution, so let’s dig down a bit into what makes the mibody stand out from the crowd.


It uses our signature technology - special programmes of PNS and NMS that we mentioned earlier - to provide pain relief and treatment for inflammation, particularly in the joints or that might come from sprains, bruises or sports injuries. As we’re sure you know, these are never pleasant. But with the mibody to hand, you can quickly soothe the pain and help your body keep inflammation in check and recover as best it can.


And the good thing about the mibody is that it will always be at hand! Unless you forget it at home or somewhere else… mibody is a wearable device, meaning that you can take it with you anywhere and use it whenever you need it.


That might mean that you get it out as soon as you’ve finished your workout, or if you trip and fall (but we really hope you don’t need it in this case!), or are unwinding after hours spent at your desk. Just attach mibody to the area that needs it, start the treatment programme, and relax. You can also use the mibody while exercising, resting, or (mostly) any other activity to get the support and relief you need on the go.


Considering all these features, and how many people have benefited from them around the world, it’s no wonder - even if we do say so ourselves - that mibody won. If you’re interested in knowing more about mibody and how you can fit it into your daily life, have a look at one of the many articles or videos about it on our website.


Health Tech Digital


The Health Tech Digital Awards are organised by Health Tech Digital, a print and online platform dedicated to sharing the latest news about UK healthcare technology, digital health and NHS technology news and information.


Of course, we would like to thank Health Tech Digital and the judging panel: Dr Gregor Peden, Lisa Sewell, and Dr Phil Koczan for recognising the incredible benefits and potential of NuroKor. All three have extensive experience within healthcare at local and regional levels and have particular expertise in how technology can support and be implemented in health services.


As a final note, we also won the Best Solution for Community Care award for NuroKor as a whole! Find out more about it here.