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UK Hockey Writers Player of the Year 2018, Alan Forsyth talks hockey, training and overcoming injury with his NuroKor device

How did you get into hockey? 

I started playing hockey when I was around five years old. My parents both played and my older brother.

Why do you love the sport?  

Because of the team aspect, being part of a team and winning together is something very special to me.

What is an ordinary day for you? 

My usual training day with GB is normally two sessions a day, either gym and hockey or double hockey sessions and then we train our club if it's a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

What is your proudest moment? 

Being able to represent Scotland and Great Britain. Playing alongside my brother for Scotland.

If you weren't a sportsperson, what would you be?

I’m really not sure as I couldn’t see myself not being involved in sport.

What injuries have you had and how did/ do they affect you? 

I get a lot of impact injuries; broken nose, fingers, toes, dead legs, etc. so being able to stay fit while having these injuries is something that can become quite tricky without the NuroKor.

How does NuroKor help you manage your recovery? 

NuroKor helps me every day. I use the device on every part of my body to help recover for the next session I have, especially when we have double hockey sessions as they can take a lot out of you and you need to recover fast. The device is great for tournaments as well because it is portable and you can take it to team meals or meetings and use it on the go.

Where do you use it? 

I honestly use it anywhere; when I’m a passenger in the car, watching tv, at the side of the training pitch, in bed. Seriously, you name it, I have used NuroKor!

What's next for you? Next big goal? 

The next big goal for me and the GB team is to try and get selected for the Tokyo Olympics this Summer.