NuroKor + stretching can vastly improve visits to the Physio, a study suggests

NuroKor + stretching can vastly improve visits to the Physio, a study suggests

Ready to supercharge your physical therapy? Find out how the NuroKor MiTouch works to improve physical therapy outcomes by improving range of motion in joints, improving muscle flexibility and reducing pain.
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Ready to supercharge your physical therapy? Read on.

This article uses clinical evidence to reveal how biotechnology used by the NuroKor can improve range of motion in joints (ROM), help you get greater muscle flexibility and reduce pressure pain.

But first, who needs physical therapy?

Physical therapy can be considered a means to rehabilitate the physical body in some way or form.

Some conditions that can benefit from physical therapy include:

And many other conditions. In physical therapy, trained professionals evaluate and treat abnormal physical function. This could be related to an injury, disability, disease or condition for example.

How can the MiTouch help physio patients recover faster?

One of the major purposes of physical therapy is to improve muscle flexibility and increase range of motion (ROM) of the affected joint.

For instance, a patient suffering from a knee injury may have difficulty walking. A physical therapist may decide from the suite of possible options available, to choose joint ROM and stretching as a suitable therapy.

Physical agents such as NuroKor wearables are actively used in physical therapy to improve tightened soft tissue, alleviate pain, and reduce the muscle spasms that limit ROM.

So what happens when you combine stretching and a physical agent like a NuroKor device as a therapy option for patients?

A recent study, carried out in 2016(1), tested this theory with interesting results...

The Clinical Study Explained


To clarify the immediate effects of a combined bioelectrical surface applied peripheral nerve stimulation and stretching protocol.


Fifteen healthy young males volunteered to participate in this study. The inclusion criterion was a straight leg raising range of motion of less than 70 degrees.


Subjects performed two protocols:

  1. S GROUP: 10 minutes of stretching of the medial hamstrings
  2. TS GROUP: 20-minute electrical stimulation period followed by 10 minutes of stretching

Muscle hardness, pressure pain threshold, and straight leg raising range of motion were analyzed to evaluate the effects.

The data was collected at the following stages:

  • before peripheral nerve stimulation
  • before stretching
  • immediately after stretching
  • 10 minutes after stretching

What did the study reveal?

Bioelectrical nerve stimulation before stretching, immediately after stretching and 10 minutes after stretching had significantly beneficial effects on muscle hardness, pressure pain threshold, and straight leg raising range of motion compared with stretching alone.

These results support the belief that the NuroKor medical device technology combined with stretching is effective in reducing pain and decreasing muscle hardness (relaxing tight muscles), thereby increasing range of motion.

Visiting the physio soon? Use your NuroKor device during your next session for faster results!

The beauty of the MiTouch and other KorOS powered devices is the versatility and portability. Make sure you take yours along to your next physical therapy session for faster recovery. Regular use with physical therapy stretches should help to speed up your recovery. Be sure to trial different settings to ensure you get the best results for YOU. Always use as directed (see packaging and associated information for details).

Why choose NuroKor over other physical therapy devices?

Versions of individual biotechnologies that precede NuroKor have been a staple in physical therapy and chronic pain clinics for decades.

Although there are many consumer units out there… NuroKor’s KorOS technology couples the benefits of the best formulations with the holistic approach of the unique combinations of NuroKor’s 3 core technologies. This is where NuroKor excels. NuroKor’s KorOS clinically proven technologies, applied through our patented apps and treatment guide, provide increased accuracy when it comes to relieving pain, physical rehabilitation and improving physical performance. In short, NuroKor’s devices really are considered the very latest and greatest devices of their kind.

Check out these reviews for real world results:

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This article does not constitute as medical advice. Always use as directed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of your NuroKor device.


  1. Karasuno, H., Ogihara, H., Morishita, K., Yokoi, Y., Fujiwara, T., Ogoma, Y., & Abe, K. (2016). The combined effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and stretching on muscle hardness and pressure pain threshold. Journal of physical therapy science, 28(4), 1124–1130. doi:10.1589/jpts.28.1124 (read online here)