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physical therapy

How to avoid those winter weather injuries with sports therapist Ashley Watson

With winter weather here and the ‘silly’ season upon us, it is often the time of year when people are more susceptible to injuries – and sometimes some unusual or obscure ones! Sports therapist and ex-GB bobsleigh athlete Ashley Watson tells us about common winter season injuries, plus some of the stranger ones he has treated, and how NuroKor can be used to help ease the pain. 

physical therapy

'Lockdown friendly' ways to recover with massage and manipulation

Massage and manipulation techniques are a popular recovery and rehabilitation method utilised by athletes and coaches. However, as England enters its second round of national lockdown, it is important to consider alternative at-home massage therapy options. We talk with Liam Grimley, Rehabilitator & Trainer at Elevate about why he uses massage and manipulation with his clients and how tools such as NuroKor technology can ease at-home recovery. 

physical therapy

The trials and tribulations of injury and rehabilitation for an athlete

Do you often wonder how an athlete is able to push back and recover fast? We talk to some of our NuroKor athletes about their greatest challenges in injury and rehabilitation and how they recover. They discuss the daily struggles and sacrifices that are made to remain top of your game, even in recovery. 

physical therapy

NuroKor + stretching can vastly improve visits to the Physio, a study suggests

Ready to supercharge your physical therapy? Find out how the NuroKor MiTouch works to improve physical therapy outcomes by improving range of motion in joints, improving muscle flexibility and reducing pain.