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Stress Tips

Top tips on how to deal with stress from NuroKor

The issue of stress can affect many parts of life, and can ironically go unnoticed. NuroKor aims to increase your stress awareness with some tools on how to tackle the problem. If you’ve ever had that feeling of being overwhelmed, or are suffering from anxiety, these tips could help you.


Top tips from leading podiatrist Jamie Tilley on keeping your feet healthy

Jamie Tilley, based in West Wales, Camarthen offers a multidisciplinary clinic including osteopathy, sports therapy and podiatry. In this interview he offers his top tips for keeping your feet healthy.


Top 10 trail running tips for beginners

Multi-distance runner Damian Carr loves any surface, but has a soft spot for trail running. He has completed several trail running races, including several ultra-runs. Damian gives us his top tips for people starting out in trail running and explains how using NuroKor helps his recovery and training. 


Tips for getting back on your road bike this spring

As the sun begins to shine and temperatures rise, it is time to start thinking about getting back on that road bike or taking it off the turbo trainer and back on the road. Tips to consider, including expert advice from Irish professional cyclist Rory Townsend


GB Athletes share 8 tips for getting back in the pool this Summer

As indoor swimming pools reopen across England, keen swimmers will be clambering to get back in the water, and the lure of a 'new' activity will undoubtedly see many more people giving swimming a go. We speak to Team England diver, Ross Haslam and Elite junior diver, Brooke Cullen for their advice on how to safely start or get back into the swimming pool after a long break. 


Physiotherapist on bioelectronics and other calf injury remedies

Calf injuries have the power to take you out of action for a long time. We speak to physiotherapist and NuroKor Norway distributor, Hilde Hjertholm about how you can manage calf injuries sensibly, enabling you to get back to activity faster. Hilde discusses typical calf injuries, why they are tricky to manage and how NuroKor bioelectrical therapy can aid recovery.


Ultra-marathon runner shares ten tips to optimise your training and reach your 10k goal

Great Britain ultra-marathon runner and world class performance coach Robbie Britton shares his insider advice on how to prepare for your best ever 10km. He discusses training, fuelling, recovery and how NuroKor bioelectrical therapy can help optimise your training and recovery routine. Also learn about virtual race events that can help you set goals (and reach them!) 


NuroKor athletes share 10 tips to kick your New Year fitness goals into action

It’s that time of the year again…when we start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and personal goals. With many ready to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, a fitness goal could be a great start to the year for both your health and wellbeing. Four of our NuroKor ambassadors give us their top tips on getting back into shape as we head into 2021. 


10 NuroKor tips to stay fit over the festive season

With Christmas just a matter of days away, the NuroKor team gift you with some top tips on how you and your household can stay active and healthy over the festive period. Everything from body to mind, as well as some advice on how to make the most of your NuroKor device to keep muscles active and moving this festive season.


GB cyclist shares tips for thriving and avoiding injury during the cycling boom

As cycling in the UK booms, we look at how to get back on your bike safely and talk to Great Britain Road and Track Cyclist champion Ellie Dickinson about her tips for avoiding and coming back from injury. Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy and it is important to take note so you can get back on the bike and avoid injury.


Rehabilitator and Trainer, Liam Grimley Shares Top 6 Recovery Tips To Optimise Your Training Schedule

Professional Rehabilitator and Trainer at Elevate Sport, Liam Grimley explains why we need to prioritise recovery and reveals his top six insider recovery tips to optimise your post-exercise routine. 


How to train through the growing pains - The story of elite junior athletes

We talk with 14-year-old Junior Elite diver, Brooke Cullen to gain an insider perspective into the life of a growing athlete. We also speak with Professional Rehabilitator and Trainer at Elevate Sport, Liam Grimely to learn how young athletes can train sensibly and best look after their bodies to perform at their best. 

Stretching Tips

Physiotherapist Reveals How To Stretch Like An Athlete And Avoid Injury

Physiotherapist and NuroKor Norway Distributor, Hilde Hjertholm discusses the importance of stretching and how it can affect your recovery and performance. She shares with us the benefits stretching can have and some easy ways you can bring stretching into your daily routine - in and outside of exercise. 


Athletes share the dos and don't for heading back to the gym post-lockdown

Professional athletes, GB Bobsleigh brakesman, Tremayne Gilling and GB 800m Sprinter, Alex Bell share how they have adjusted to using the gym again as part of their training, and advise gym-goers on how to return to the gym sensibly.


Elite Athletes Share Top 5 Recovery Tips You Should Be Applying Post-Workout

Recovery is key. Whether you are an elite athlete or a keen amateur, it is always there to ensure that your body stays fit and ready to tackle another day. From the ski slopes to the diving board, we talk to NuroKor Athletes about their best-kept recovery tips and the secret to their success in competition and training.