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Womens health

Out of options for period pain relief? Doctors' share their top natural remedies

Any woman who has experienced period pain will tell you that it is no fun, and for some women it can have a big impact on their daily lives. We talk to two medical experts, Dr Irem Tezer Ates who is Medical Science Director at NuroKor and GP & Nutritionist, Dr Leah Austin about period pain and how you can manage it. The two doctors' share how bioelectronics can be a great alternative or adjunct to painkillers.

Womens health

Menopause expert provides natural and holistic approach to managing symptoms

Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, Severine Menem joined us on The BioElectronics Podcast to talk about the different stages of menopause and holistic methods to ease symptoms. She shares her own journey managing perimenopause symptoms naturally and provides insight into the benefits of nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes and using bioelectrical technology such as, NuroKor