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Fitness coach shares how to run your first ever 5km

With running enjoying a resurgence as people have dug out their trainers during lockdown, we speak to running coach Brennan Townshend about how to prepare for your first ever 5km run. He shares his tips for avoiding injury and explains why using NuroKor bioelectrical therapy can be helpful.


How to manage and avoid injury when going 'back to the gym' according to a Sports Specialist

Many people will be heading back to the gym or starting a new fitness regime, as we head into spring and out of lockdown. We speak to British bobsleigh athlete and NuroKor’s strength and conditioning specialist, Ben Simons about how to return to exercise safely and avoid some of the most common injuries associated with a return to training.


Triathlete champ's share 9 easy tips to keep your training injury free!

As the weather warms up and lockdown restrictions ease, many exercise fanatics are on the search for their next fitness challenge. This season, triathlon is set to become a popular choice - but what is the best way to train when you are combining three sports in one?! We speak to professional triathletes and NuroKor ambassadors Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack about their training and what they suggest doing in order to try and stay injury-free in the process. 


Professional Cyclist shares how to take advantage of the ‘off-season’ and become a better athlete

The cycling competition season can be long and gruelling - so it is important not to  underestimate the importance of the ‘off-season’. Professional cyclist Rory Townsend, shares his top tips for recovery and staying conditioned to maximise gains for the next racing season. He shares how NuroKor is an invaluable tool during this time for recovery and performance gains.


Elite Track & Field Coach, John Shepherd Answers Why Prehabilitation Is Important

Athletics Track & Field Coach John Shepherd, who has trained athletes to numerous British titles, explains what prehabilitation is, and why it is such an important element of a training programme - both for elite athletes and sports & fitness enthusiasts. He also shares how NuroKor technology can help your prehabilitation, to take you that extra mile.