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A day in the Life of filmmaker and entrepreneur Somi Arian

Somi: Hey guys, good morning. Today I'm going to share with you a day in my life. It's a quieter day today, because a lot of people are on holiday. So first thing I need to do today is to take my cat to the vet. Now, a lot of you guys might know that I had a hernia surgery recently. One of our clients gave me a device that helped me massively. The company is called NuroKor. It helps me with pain management, recovery, and all the good stuff that you could get from electrotherapy. I'm learning a lot about it. I put that on my back as I take Diesel to the vet.

Somi: Diesel, come on. Go in there. No, no, no. Diesel, in, in, in. Good boy. He's going to be meowing now. Getting him in and out of the car, he freaks out. So it's easier for me to just walk there. I have my NuroKor, so that's good.

Somi: [inaudible 00:00:51] Diesel, one kiss. [inaudible 00:00:56] David: Are you in a good frame of mind today? You're not grumpy? Are you not grumpy? Ooh.

Somi: Diesel, out. Okay, baby. Now he doesn't want to come out. David: [crosstalk 00:01:08]

Somi: Come on. Out. David: Come on, sweetie pie. So I'm happy with progress. We'll see you in a week's time. So are you doing okay from your hernia correction?

Somi: Yes, it still hurts, so this really helps me, because I put it on my back. It's electrotherapy. It was really helpful not to have to take so much painkiller. David: Wonder if it'll aid the healing of wounds on pets, kids?

Somi: It would be amazing if there was one for cats. Thank you so much, David. David: [crosstalk 00:01:30]

Somi: Okay, all right. Take care. Bye-bye. Almost home. Okay. It's okay baby. It's okay. We are home. Diesel. It's okay. It's all good.

Somi: Okay, so back in the office. I'm going to show [Corina 00:01:41] how to sync some stuff. In the meantime, I'm going to put this on my shoulders. I spend so much time on the computer, and this really helps me, makes it a bit less painful. It goes through different modes and does its job. Put one here, here, just sits there quietly.

Somi: Getting an Uber to my gym. I know it sounds really ironic, but my gym is a bit far. My NuroKor device, going to put it on. Okay.

Somi: Hello. Hi. Gym instructor: How you doing?

Somi: How are you? This is the thing that I've been telling you about. Look, this goes on my back here. Yeah, so I've been using it. So this is for pain. This is a like physio. Gym instructor: [crosstalk 00:00:02:25].

Somi: So it does like massages. Gym instructor: That is amazing.

Somi: Okay, so what's the plan today? Gym instructor: We're going to use the box.

Somi: I hate the box. It's so hard.

Somi: I know it doesn't look difficult. It is honestly.

Somi: Hope you guys enjoyed spending the day with me. Back in the office, I have to work on my book now, and I'm using my NuroKor device again to help me with my RSI. It uses three different types of therapy, and the one that I use most for my hand is microcurrent. It works at the cellular level, so you don't actually feel it at all.

Somi: As a tech entrepreneur, I'm fascinated by technology's potential to improve our lives, which is why I decided to invest in the company, and I'm excited to see where the technology will take us.