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A day in the life with Pharmacist Bernadette Brown - who runs a pain clinic with NuroKor Technology

At NuroKor, we believe strong partnerships with pharmacies is the best way to directly impact the wellbeing of those dealing with chronic pain conditions. A great example of this is investor and distributor, Bernadette Brown, the owner and head pharmacist of multi-award-winning Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre in Glenrothes, Scotland.

Bernadette says; “I don’t want to be one of those practitioners who turns a blind eye to those suffering from pain. I believe it is our responsibility, as pharmacists and health practitioners, to realise painkillers and other medications might not always be the best solution for achieving optimal pain relief, especially when considering the long-term management of chronic pain. We need to remain open to innovation, and think about the positive global impact, technology can have.”