NuroKor BioElectronics believes pain relief should adapt to your lifestyle

NuroKor BioElectronics believes pain relief should adapt to your lifestyle

Rick Rowan, CEO and Founder of NuroKor BioElectronics, shares his insight into one of NuroKor's core themes - 'personalisation'. He talks about the difference between painkillers and electroceuticals. Focusing on bioelectronics ability to adapt to both your lifestyle, routine and overall wellbeing.

The adaptive nature of electroceuticals can complement many medical health treatments, providing personalised therapeutic solutions.

NuroKor's technology is a fine example of this adaptability in action. Acceptance is not our main focus, instead we are driven to enhance, develop and optimise NuroKor's technology even further. Allowing it to reach it's full potential.

Pain relief should fit your lifestyle, your routine, and enhance your wellbeing. NuroKor CEO, Rick Rowan explains this best. 


The question of acceptance or accepting bio-electronics and electroceuticals as an alternative, I don't think that's our primary focus. The challenges for us are being able to integrate into people's expectations and lifestyles.

So at the moment, if you want to take a pill or you need to get an injection,
one is quite easy, and the other requires generally for a clinician to apply it. When we look at how we are developing technology, we're looking at making the technology, particularly on the consumer side, to make it accessible, to make it easy, to make it part of your daily routine or just part of your lifestyle.

So what that means is making devices and the technology as accessible as possible, as easy to use and as empowering as possible. So that might be that the device simply fits to the body and then is operated through your smartwatch or through your phone. That the device is self-diagnosing how it's actually operating. So it might be, you know, bio-sensitive feedback is another big one, as well as for us understanding how to make them more effective and thus more effective means easier to use.

Are we looking for something that's going to replace other treatments? That's not really our objective. Our objective is to create an alternative, a viable alternative, as well as something that is either an adjunct or complimentary to, I think the acceptance part is going to be, there's not, it doesn't need to be a choice between one or the other. The point is, is can we enhance quality of life? Can we enhance what's already available and can we make it better?