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How to hack the body's batteries using microcurrents


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"Hi everyone, in this episode I'm going to explain how you can hack the body's batteries through microcurrents.

Compared to other electrotherapy modalities, microcurrent or MCS may be tiny in size, but its range of potential benefits is huge. There is also evidence to show that microcurrent stimulation works in a number of different ways, making it one of the most versatile treatment modalities available.

Firstly, it is well known that the human body possesses an endogenous bioelectric system that produces natural electrochemical signals in different areas, such as the brain, skin, muscles, heart, and bones. The endogenous electrical signals were discovered many years ago and using modern techniques, the existence of these natural electrical fields has now been well established.

These natural electrical signals play a pivotal role in fundamental processes, and one notably being in wound healing. By applying selected microcurrents which mimic these signals, healing can be enhanced for both acute and chronic wounds, and for most types of injuries.

Secondly, MCS is also known to provide a direct energy-related benefit to the mitochondria within the cells, which we know are responsible for producing around 90% of cellular energy. The applied currents provide a means of an additional resource, which can be directly used in the production of ATP. In its simplest form, microcurrent is able to facilitate naturally occurring electrical processes that are essential to the wellbeing of our cells, tissues and body systems. This means that regardless of the type injury or condition, virtually everybody can gain notable benefits and improvements from using this technology, which is truly remarkable!