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Post-op pain management - the benefits of peripheral nerve stimulation


Transcript below: 

"Last year I published an article about a study from a medical journal, about the growing evidence of the efficacy of peripheral nerve stimulation and its use for postoperative pain management.

This randomised double-blind, controlled trial involving 42 subjects showed that the technology can be used safely as adjunct analgesic therapy after surgery.

Applied via patches to the skin, it effectively led to a substantial reduction in postoperative pain killer consumption. This occurred when administered in combination with morphine as a multimodal analgesia.

The findings showed that 95% of patients receiving active stimulation protocol experienced significant reductions in pain. The study showed that the use of nerve stimulation technology made lower-dose morphine, more effective by activating the delta-opioid receptors. In plain terms, this means that the use of bioelectronics can help patients take a lower dose of painkillers. Incredibly that's not all.

The reduction in pain also had a significant impact on patients requests for painkillers, with 95% of patients in the sham group requesting pain relief 6 hours after surgery compared to none in the active treatment group. No adverse effects were reported in the active treatment group however approximately a third of patients in the sham group reported drowsiness and nausea."