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Ric'key Pageot, Madonna’s accordion and keyboard player talks with NuroKor



My name is Ric'key Pageot. I'm here in London on tour with Madonna, Madame X Tour. There was something I discovered here while I'm in London. It's called the NuroKor and it's electrotherapy for muscles. This is great for musicians like myself, piano players, anybody who plays an instrument - we all use our muscles so much and we tend to neglect taking care of them, maintaining them.

So this is great because it's all natural. There's no chemicals, it's electrotherapy. You just stick it on your body, stimulate your muscles while you're not playing in between your sessions in between your rehearsals in between your concerts. And it's great. I've been using it for a week now. I like the fact that I could just sit down and do anything and stimulate my muscles and it gets me ready for my performances.

So what's different about this compared to everything that's on the market right now? This is the only device that has both microcurrent and EMS. The microcurrent works on a cellular level. What that means is you don't feel anything while it's working on your muscles. You don't even know it's on you.
So now I'm going to show you guys how it works. So now obviously you see I have two patches on my arm. I'm just going to plug these two here. Take the little device. So I'm going to pick the a recovery setting right here. So now we're sending a little electro pulses. My muscles are being stimulated right now, so I'm getting a little massage.
It feels weird at first, cause it's all these little electrical pulses, but you get used to when you actually start to enjoy. So right now have it on my shoulders and it's a beautiful sensation, just kind of like having your own masseuse with you at all times. As you can see, my muscles are being stimulated right now and my shoulders are going up. It feels like a deep tissue massage.
So I've already been using it for a week. I'm loving the way it feels, but I will be back. I will be back with followup and let you know how I've been implementing it in my life.