video story

Interviewing Trevor Bolland, owner of Nuzest


Transcript below:

"I met with Rick a few years ago and he was telling me about his new company NuroKor. I was very interested in his product on several levels. One, I'm an ageing cyclist, so I need every bit of help that I can get. Using the Nurokor mitouch for massage and for recovery. My thought, that would be a very interesting proposition. So I tried it, it was great. My wife started using it, she had a sore back, it worked for her. So that was the first tick. Okay this is interesting.

But I'm also in the natural health industry. There are a lot of synergies between Nurokor and Nuzest in terms of our target market and what we're trying to do for health in the world. 

We are no longer relying on anecdotal evidence for both natural health or for something like the bioelectric treatment. We're actually getting scientific research that are saying these things are good. That is the way that we're going to get over the whole problem we have in the world with chronic disease. 

It shouldn't be waiting until a point where we need drugs. We should be taking preventative measures and that's what good nutrition can do and that's also what the use of things like the bioelectric treatments can do because it helps with recovery, prevents further injury, repairs tissue and repairs muscle. So, all of those things could mean less drugs, more active lifestyles living longer healthier lives. It's not about living a long time, it's about living an active healthy life when you are ageing. 

And then finally, the other reason that I was very interested in the Nurokor products and especially the healing aspect of it, is that my daughter was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago and that's the reason I got into this industry. I thought that perhaps this technology might also be useful for her. Especially when you're talking about repair of scar tissue. And so on all those fronts I was looking at the potential of the business from an investment point of view, but more importantly from just what it can do for health and for people in the world. I thought this would be a good company to invest in. 

And I liked Rick, he had a passion for what he was doing and at the end of the day you invest in people more than anything else. So, I got involved. I think I was the first early stage investor so, and I'm still here.