98% of users recommend NuroKor Lifetech technology

98% of users recommend NuroKor Lifetech technology

We surveyed users of NuroKor Lifetech technology to see how it has made a difference in their lives.

1.71 billion people around the world suffer from musculoskeletal pain. This group of conditions includes everything to do with your joints, muscles, and bones - such as arthritis, neck pain, lower back pain.

At NuroKor Lifetech, our mission is to give people tools to live their life as they want to. We recently surveyed users of our technology and heard how an incredible 98.1% of them would recommend it for improving quality of life.

We’re going to take you through the survey results and talk about how our technology helped people manage their pain and reduce their reliance on painkillers.

Be warned, there are lots of statistics in this article! But we’ll also be providing a summary of the main takeaways at the end.

But first, a quick reminder about how our technology works.


Someone using NuroKor Lifetech while working


Electrotherapy for musculoskeletal pain

When it comes to managing chronic musculoskeletal pain, sometimes it feels like there are few choices. Painkillers, physiotherapy, exercise, and massage are the main choices, although too often people have to turn to more powerful drugs to deal with chronic pain.

Our innovative technology uses electrotherapy to provide drug-free, non-invasive treatment for a range of health benefits, including for managing pain. 

Electrotherapy works by applying a very gentle electrical current to the body (so gentle that you cannot feel it) to influence various processes. These include the transmission of pain signals and various stages of healing and inflammation. 

Obviously, just applying any old electrical current to the body isn’t enough, it’s essential to apply current in the right way, usually within a specific range of amplitude and frequency. The goal is generally to mimic some of the electrical signals and current levels that our bodies produce and, in doing so, have a positive effect.

It’s not a new field, but it is one that’s progressing rapidly. But what’s the secret behind NuroKor Lifetech being able to make a difference?


KorOS - the power behind our tech


Both mibody and mitouch are powered by our signature KorOS technology, with mibody running KorOS2 and mitouch running KorOS5.


KorOS uses multiple forms of electrotherapy - peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS), neuromuscular stimulation (NMS), and microcurrent stimulation (MCS). It combines and applies them in unique ways that have been rigorously tested to achieve the best results for certain issues, such as pain, inflammation, and recovery.


These multiple combinations, or formulations, are what make our technology so effective in the world of electrotherapy and people’s lives.


We’re always improving our technology, and part of that is understanding how people are using it and what differences it’s making in their lives.


Customer testimonials about NuroKor Lifetech


The surveys


We conducted two surveys.


In the first (the mibody survey), we gave mibody devices to Microlink, an occupational health company. They then invited employees who suffered from musculoskeletal pain to take part in a survey about satisfaction with the mibody device and its real-world performance.


The second was a survey of existing users of our technology. We didn’t look at the effectiveness of just mibody, but also of mitouch (and in some cases both if people had them!). Like the mibody survey, we focused on musculoskeletal pain.


The participants and how they used their devices


In the mibody survey, the average age of people taking part was 41.5 years and the majority were women. They used the mibody devices for an average of 7 weeks, with sessions of less than 30 minutes either multiple times per day or week.


For the user survey, people used their devices for about 40 minutes on average, and used them more than once a week. Pain+ was the most used treatment programme.


We’re going to break the next few sections down by looking at the main topics the surveys investigated - pain, medication, and quality of life. First we’ll look at the background for each and then the results.


Someone trying the NuroKor KorGlov

The KorGlov is an accessory that makes it easier to apply treatment to your hands




Pain - usually chronic - is the most troubling part of many musculoskeletal conditions.


Pain before using Lifetech technology


In the mibody survey, the location of the pain on the body was a relatively even mix, with lower-limb pain being the most common and neck pain being the least common.

  • 75% of participants described their pain as continuous or radiating. Radiating pain is when it starts in one place and then spreads to other parts of the body. 
  • 62% of participants had pain that came and went in episodes.
  • 88% of participants said that their pain was caused by movement, which is not surprising for musculoskeletal pain. It is still understandably concerning when we consider how it might impact people's lives.


In the user survey, the main problems were arthritis, spinal disc problems, joint issues and strain. Sadly, the majority of people had been experiencing pain for several years and on a regular basis. 


How electrotherapy helped musculoskeletal pain


For the mibody survey, 100% of participants said they had less pain after sessions. 80% said their pain was either shorter or less frequent. 


The user survey also had excellent results. Pain intensity was 60% less on average, and was pretty much equally effective for pain in the back, shoulder, neck, and knee. For most people, the pain relief lasted about 6 hours on average and as much as 30 days in some cases. For comparison, paracetamol usually lasts around 5 hours before the effects wear off.


Results from NuroKor survey showing improvement in pain intensity and activity level after using device

 Improvement in pain intensity and activity levels - user survey





Painkillers are often a part of daily life for people suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain, but our technology can reduce the need for them.


Medication before using Lifetech technology


In the mibody survey, 44% had taken medication for their pain and many were seeing a physiotherapist or some other kind of health professional.

Of users, many had tried other methods to find pain relief, including exercise, medication and massage, about 29% felt that they’d not had much success.


A picture of tablets and other medications


Electrotherapy reduced the need for medication


The results from both surveys were extremely positive. 


The mibody survey showed that 60% of participants used less pain relief medication.


For users, it was similarly encouraging. 38.8% of people were able to stop their use of pain medication altogether and another 35.8% reduced it. 


Whilst these results are impressive, remember to always consult your doctor before stopping or changing prescribed medication.


Quality of life


It’s no surprise that musculoskeletal pain has a negative impact on quality of life. Whether that be affecting sleep, limiting what you can do, or causing mental health problems, these effects should not be underestimated.


The effect that musculoskeletal pain has on everyday life and the activities that people love to do is one of the aspects that we are trying hardest to address at Lifetech.


Quality of life before using Lifetech technology


Half of the mibody survey participants said that pain had an impact on their quality of life or ability to work, whilst 62% said their hobbies were affected. 


We don’t have information about how the users’ quality of life was affected, but it would not be surprising if it were similar to in the mibody survey.


Electrotherapy improved quality of life for musculoskeletal pain


Everyone who at the beginning had trouble sleeping said that they slept better after using the mibody, 73% had better mobility, and 57% had better mood. Looking back at the impact that pain had on people’s ability to work or enjoy their hobbies, 79% were able to work better. A particularly encouraging statistic was that 47% could do hobbies and activities that they had been unable to prior to use.

The user survey also asked how quality of life improved. As with the mibody survey, there were many quality of life benefits as well, including improvements in mood (85%), walking distance (71%), and sleep (71%).


A graph showing improvements in quality of life

Participant satisfaction with improvement in various areas after using KorOS technology


What we’ve learnt - the main takeaways


We know we’ve just run through a whole load of statistics and percentages there, so let’s have a look at the main points.


User satisfaction


98.1% of people would recommend our technology to others. That’s incredible!


Succeeding where others don’t


We know that many people won’t have considered using electrotherapy before. However, the results of both our surveys show the fantastic results that people have had with NuroKor Lifetech technology, especially compared to more traditional pharmaceutical solutions.


This is also due to our signature KorOS technology, which has the ability to provide electrotherapy with just the right parameters and specifications to have the optimal results.


Less pain


A large number of people experienced less pain - both in intensity and frequency. 100% reported a decrease in pain intensity in the mibody survey, and there was a 60% decrease in pain intensity in the user survey. These benefits were felt for many different forms of musculoskeletal pain.


Quality of life improvements


From more sleep to a better mood, using NuroKor Lifetech makes a difference in people’s lives.


A graph showing participant improvement in quality of life

Quality of life improvements - mibody survey


Musculoskeletal pain is a burden on the lives of many people, but we are confident that, with technology, there are ways to manage it. And we hope to one day give complete relief from it.


If you’re considering trying our technology for yourself, we hope that this shows you the potential benefits. If you’re an existing user, then we’d love to hear from you about how you use your devices and what difference they make for you.


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