How do you use yours? Professional athletes and everyday people share how and why they use NuroKor

How do you use yours? Professional athletes and everyday people share how and why they use NuroKor

Each NuroKor user is unique and so is their reason for using NuroKor. This week, we are sharing some of our NuroKor supporters ' kind words on how they optimise their device and work to reach their own personal goals for recovery, injury, and performance. We speak to a mix of professional athletes and everyday people alike, to find out how NuroKor fits into their routine.

Before trying NuroKor technology yourself, it can be hard to imagine what the sensation will feel like and how to best optimise the device for your own recovery, training, or any injuries you are carrying. 

That is why we have compiled some useful reviews and tips from a mix of professional athletes and everyday NuroKor users. They explain, why they use NuroKor and how they best use it for their personal needs. 


Alan Forsyth, Professional Hockey Player: 

“NuroKor helps me every day. I use the device on every part of my body to help recover for the next session, especially when we have double hockey sessions as they can take a lot out of you and you need to recover fast. The device is great for tournaments as well because it is portable and you can take it to team meals or meetings and use it on the go.”

Alan Forsyth Team GB hockey athlete NuroKor

Edward, office worker 

“My wife introduced to me NuroKor as she thought it could benefit me as I started my training for a 100km challenge. I now don’t know what I would do without it. I don’t have any muscle soreness or stiffness after long cross country training runs. I use it after each long training session on my legs, and I feel better and stronger. As well as feeling the advantages in everyday life.”

Ricky Lightfoot, Professional Trail Runner: 

“I use NuroKor devices a lot to aid recovery, especially after a hard session, it helps relax the muscles and as it’s “active” recovery it helps take away any toxins which have built up. It also promotes fresh blood flow to the areas which need it most. I use it on my legs. Mainly, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves, but I’ve also used it on my neck and back to relieve tension.”

Ross Haslam, Team England Diver 

“I use my NuroKor mainly after hard strength and conditioning sessions, as well as after all of my competitions. This means I can be recovered and ready to go again much quicker than if I didn't have my Nurokor. I mainly use it on my quads, but sometimes also on my shoulders.” 


Ellie Dickinson, Professional Cyclist: 

“The first serious injury that has actually stopped me from training has been a knee injury I have had in the last couple of months. Nothing too serious, but they are hard to shake off easily. In that respect, I am lucky to have extra time to train before the Olympics. I am so grateful to be able to use my NuroKor device. I have been using it before and after training, on my knee especially. On rest days I will sometimes sit with it for hours. I believe it has had a huge impact!”

Luke Rees, Journalist at 

“Within the first session of using the NuroKor, I noticed my Achilles tendon was less painful. The pain did not completely go away, but it was reduced significantly. I used the device every day for a month on and around the Achilles, and while it is a lot better I still have very mild tendonitis. One unexpected benefit is the flexibility of my calf seems to have improved!” 

Adam, Sales Manager 

“My NuroKor device is a fantastic piece of kit! It now goes everywhere with me. I had ACL reconstruction surgery five months before I discovered this device and now make it part of my everyday routine. I have found the pain in my knee and the surrounding area has gone. 

Now I am less conscious of my knee, and as a result, I'm free to take on life with my family and get back into sports.”

Amanda Lightfoot, professional biathlete: 

“I’ve had a lot of injuries over the past years. One that springs to mind would be my Achilles tendon in the summer. I missed out on a vast amount of great training which is always the effect of injuries, but with NuroKor, I can now train my muscles even when injured.  I’m so glad NuroKor is now part of my life.” 

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