Your pocket-sized travel buddy – Using NuroKor on the go

Your pocket-sized travel buddy – Using NuroKor on the go

While travel isn't top of mind in our current climate, the NuroKor device can offer a light-weight, portable solution for on-the-go pain relief and recovery. Whether it be out camping, in transit or at work; NuroKor can provide on-the-go therapy while you continue with your daily routines. We speak to our ambassadors about how they use their devices' on-the-go. 

One of the reasons so many people love their NuroKor device is because it is lightweight, portable and can be used in pretty much any location or situation. Whether it be out camping, in transit or at work; NuroKor can provide on-the-go pain relief while you continue with your daily routines.

Many of our customers and ambassadors, including elite athletes, share with us how they use their NuroKor devices on the go, ensuring they stay on top of their recovery or injury management. We spoke to a mix of our ambassadors about why their NuroKor device really is their ‘best travel buddy’. 

Rory Townsend - British-born Irish cyclist who rides for UCI Continental level team Canyon DHB p/b Soreen 

Rory loves that NuroKor can be used to combine travelling and recovery: One thing I love is that the NuroKor device is so portable. It is no bigger than a phone and I can use the device whilst travelling back from races. Before, I would need to have a day off following the travel home from a race. NuroKor allows me to recover enough that I am able to make up a day’s training, which is a huge gain for me.”

Alex Bell - British 800m track athlete 

British 800m sprinter Alex Bell explains how NuroKor is the ‘perfect aid’ for her: “I don’t rely too much on physio and am pretty self-efficient, so this is amazing for me to use in the comfort of my own home or when I am travelling, to focus on the areas I struggle to maintain on my own. I love the interchangeable intensities and the fact it’s so small and quiet, but yet so powerful and effective. It is the perfect travel partner when I’m competing around the world."

Paul Telling, Team Evolution - An organisation who offer progressive alpine training opportunities for young skiers

Many of the Team Evolution athletes use NuroKor as an additional recovery and training tool. As Team Evolution owner Paul Telling says: “NuroKor can be easily used whenever possible by our athletes to assist with recovery. They use it travelling between events or relaxing in the evening. It's portable and simple enough that it can be used whenever an opportunity arises to manage injuries.” 

Olly Butterworth – Great Britain Bobsleigh team member, former rugby player and 400m runner

All the GB Bobsleigh team are big believers in NuroKor, and with a gruelling competition schedule (in normal times), Olly explains how NuroKor helps him and his teammates recover: “One of the best things about NuroKor is you can use it wherever and whenever. Inside, outside, on the move or laid in bed. The variety of ways it works means you’re never restricted to what you want it to do or where you want to use it. In the evening, the team sit down and get full use of the kit to put our body’s through [the recovery] needed to make sure we are recovering at the best rate possible. The intensity of a bobsleigh season is unforgiving, having NuroKor to hand day-in-day-out has kept the team injury-free.” 


Charlie Guest – British alpine skier and two-time Olympian

Skiers are often travelling, moving from resort to resort, which makes NuroKor a handy travel buddy. British alpine skier Charlie Guest continues to reap the rewards of using her NuroKor on the go: “I love using NuroKor on the move, some days we just don’t have time to fit in a recovery session in the gym, so using the device on my legs helps me get fresh for the next day. On days when I have some pain in my back, I like to use the pain management to help get everything feeling normal again - so I have the confidence to take on the mountain.” 

Madeleine Bell – Professional ballet dancer based in Paris 

For any ballerina, helping the body to recover is so important, and Madeleine couldn’t agree more. She does lots of stretching and rolling out as well as using her NuroKor device to relieve DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). She loves the fact she can use her NuroKor anywhere and often uses it when she is eating or chilling out in the evenings. She specifically uses the KorBand for her back, and because the feet take the brunt of the work in ballet she also uses the NuroKor KorShoe. She says: “NuroKor really has changed my life and made recovery so much easier – particularly as it can be used anywhere.” She explains in further detail in our video where we spend a day in the life with Madeleine.

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